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2 Jan 2012

En Grill & Bar (Skewer Buffet)

The last dinner of 2011, I had buffet with Nyx at En Grill & Bar. This
skewer buffet caught our attention the last time we visited UE Square
and ate at Ippudo X Tao. We had the choice to either sit indoors or
outdoors. We made a mistake by choosing indoors. The music played
was noisy while the projector screen was rather distracting by playing
things that kept changing colours. Quite a disruption to our conversation.
The buffet was on the pricey side where each person paid $38.90++.
The following were some of the few dishes which we liked a lot and we
ended up spamming on those top few skewer choices. 

This plate of sashimi were for 2 of us. It was a one time order and acted as a starter dish.

We shared a plate of cod roe sauce pasta and it tasted great. Creamy and slightly filling. Nyx liked it so much that he
ordered another plate for himself.

Pork belly was a little hard and fatty. Nyx disliked the shiitake cheese as he felt that it was smelly and horrible. As a fan
of mushrooms, I found it quite alright and juicy.

One of the dish we spammed on was the salmon. It was fresh and tender, with slight hint of fishy taste. Not that sure if it
was oil or juice from the salmon.

To act healthy, we shared a bowl of salad. The dressing was quite sour but luckily, we did not pour all.

Both of us did not expect the minced chicken balls were so large! It was not too bad but we could have shared as it took
up quite a portion of our stomach space.

These were something we had temporary phobia of. Tons and tons of scallops. I ate like 10 sticks and I got really sicked
of its taste. Nyx ate like 5 sticks and he got sicked of them badly. If minus the overeating part, the scallops were fresh,
rather tasty and best of all, chewy. They had sweet sauce which goes well with the scallops.

We tried a variety of other skewers too. Beefs, tofus, quail eggs, prawns, asparagus, smelt fish, etc. They were all
fragrant (hot from the flames) and soaked in their own juices.

I ended up gobbling up 6 beef skewers as it became the top choice of my list. Loved the beefy juicy meat. I almost
wanted to suck the juices from the meat itself! I felt sorry for Nyx as he had to watch me eat the beef skewers frenzily.
(He can't eat beefs so sorry again to have tempted him!)

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