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20 Mar 2012

Suanthai Buffet

This was the first buffet that I ate this year. (Not bad right? At least I did
not touch buffet for more than 2 months! I had 3 buffets in a week before...
...last year.) Anyway, having saw a post on Thai food from another blog, I
decided to try out my first Thai buffet with Nyx and Lzh. Suanthai is located
at Killiney Road, a few minutes walk from Somerset MRT station. I managed
to book the only outdoor seating outside the outlet itself as the place was
already fully booked. They served a la carte as well as buffet and it was common
sense that we went just for its buffet. Each person paid only about $24, including
the topped up for free flow of lime juice. (Some of the dishes were 1 time order
only which I marked by placing a * beside its name.)

The salad and dessert section was self service.

*Thai style chicken satay was tender and juicy. Each a stick and it was really well seasoned that we wanted

*Stir fried mixed seafood with basil & long beans arrived and we felt like we ordered a 'cze char' dish. It was
simple and yet delicious, especially when the ingredients were fresh.

Rice cracker that were supposed to go with a special sauce. We made a mistake and used that sauce for our stuffed
chicken wings instead! Anyway, we went to dip this cracker into the green curry as it was rather tasteless by itself.

Pineapple fried rice was really tasty and we ordered 2 plates of it. There were pineapple cubes and spices which added
flavour to the rice. This was my first time eating rice in a buffet. (I usually avoided rice as it was meant to fill people up

*Tom Yam soup with prawns was a dish that we did not enjoy. Firstly, this harmless clear looking soup was really super
spicy and I coughed after drinking a mouthful. Try it if you enjoy spicy.

*Boneless stuffed chicken wings was one of our favourite. These thick looking wings looked really satisfying even
before I tried one. Before I knew it, I bit into the thick fleshy meaty piece. Beneath the charred skin were stuffed minced
meat I supposed. This was what I called meat extension!

Thai Fish Cake was just average to us. A little too hard and spicy for me.

Thai Spring Roll was not too bad. I treated it as a snack.

*Chicken wrapped in pandan leaf was another really yummy dish. I think that we enjoyed all the 3 1-time-order-only
chicken dishes the most! Juicy, tender and infused with pandan fragrance and flavor. 

Green Curry with chicken was a common Thai dish. Luckily it was not spicy and we managed to clear it up.

With so much food, we needed a cool palate cleanser and each of us topped up $3.50 
for free flow of lime juice. It was really a refreshing drink (not too sour and it did not make
my saliva sticky after drinking).

Chicken with basil leaf and eggplant. This dish as well as the following few felt like 'cze char' too. Nothing bad about
them and we just wiped them up.

Chicken with cashew nuts was rather simple. We did not order any beef as Nyx could not eat due to religion.

Penang curry with sliced fish fillets. Each slice was coated evenly with the thick curry sauce, making the taste strong and

Deep fried fish fillets with sweet, sour and spicy sauce. A typical Chinese style dish I supposed.

The Thai red ruby and just so-so. I found the ice too coarse and the chestnuts were too large in size.

A final photo of us enjoying the Thai food!

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