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1 May 2012

Coca Steamboat Buffet

A time for gathering just before some of us (including me!) going to ORD in a
month + time! One of my friend recommended this place as he mentioned that
the sauce was excellent. Time to try out then!

Of course the first thing I took picture of was the sauce! It was set nicely on the table for each of us in the private room.
Lucky we had the private room as it was more comfortable and we had more privacy. If your common sense seems to lag,
you will know that we can be very noisy and vulgar (army style). Anyway, back to the sauce, typical Thai style, mild
spiciness with plenty of chopped parsley. I dipped everything into it before eating as it just tasted so good! Worked
especially well as gravy over the noodles too.

Our steamboat pots were arranged in the form of a Bermuda Triangle. (2 chicken stock and 1 Tom Yam) Like the actual
Bermuda Triangle, almost everything that went into those pots to cook, would disappear into our stomach. Sadly except
for those meatballs (shrimp, beef or chicken), they had magnetic field problems which our stomachs repelled. (Explanation later!) 

Alright, I called this the cross between the kimchi and the coleslaw. The vegetables were sliced thinly (not exactly string-
thin but still thin!) and had that unique Thai style dressing. (A little more spicy than the sauce.)

We ordered a few rounds of ingredient to add into our 'Bermuda Triangle'. Although the variety was not a lot, it was
counter-balanced by the freshness of the ingredients. 

Time for the meatballs part. Seeing this picture was enough to make me wanting to puke. Not sure why but these
meatballs left the most memorable impression for us. We ordered too many of them and ended up for the last half an
hour, we had plenty of meatballs in the pots. I myself ate more than 10 of them and totally did not want any more to
appear in front of my eyes.

A final group shot after the steamboat buffet.

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