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28 May 2012

Ramen Champion (BARIO)

I finally get the chance to eat at Ramen Champion, which was located at Bugis!
I know, I know, it was like quite long ago since the challenge actually started.
Had no choice as most of the time when I happened to be at Bugis, my
companions wanted to eat something else instead of ramen. (Sometimes, it is
not easy to decide on what to eat, due to individual cravings on that particular
day.) Just nice on that day itself, Nyx and I wanted to have ramen for dinner!

Upon entering, we were given this card which was used to accumulate the amount we spent and to pay later on.

After pondering through the menus and descriptions of each individual outlets, I decided to choose BARIO - The filling,
manly ramen! Nyx also ordered from the same outlet as me. 

We were given this and within 8 mins, it lighted up to signal us to collect our ramen. (The same system that was used at

Nyx ordered the normal size bowl while I had the half bowl. As I disliked eating hard cabbages and beansprouts, I
requested them to be removed, to save the trouble of me picking them out. The first thing I did was to drink a spoonful
of soup. At first, it certainly was extremely thick and flavorful and we enjoyed it. However, prolonged drinking caused
our throats to get slightly irritated. (I added some spices and plenty of chopped garlic to boost the flavour even more.)
As for Nyx, the whole bowl of ramen made him really bloated because the ramen noodles were not those usual ones but
were rather broad, thick and chewy. (Luckily I took the half bowl!)  

Forgot to mention, the half bowl of ramen which I ordered did not have any flavoured egg in it. I ordered one separately,
found it irresistible (the runny yolk!) and decided to add on another. Even the bowl had the 'nan' (male) word slowly
revealing itself as I drank up the soup. I would want to go back to Ramen Champion again to try out the ramens from
other outlets.

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