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9 Jun 2012

Carnivore 1 for 1 Buffet Lunch

This is it! Many people would have seen this advertisement but have yet had
the chance to try Carnivore's 1 for 1 buffet lunch promotion. Such good deal
is enough to get people into a frenzy and 'kiasu' state where bookings are
hurriedly made, in order to not lose out as the early bird catches the worm! As
for my 3 other friends and I, we decided to take a gamble. We did not make
any reservation and turned up at 12am at MBS's outlet. Being informed that the
place was fully booked (as expected), we could come back at around 1.30pm.
(By that time, some people would have eaten their fill.) At about 12.40pm, we
decided to drop by Carnivore again in case people did not turn up prior to
booking. With such luck, we managed to get a table for 4! The manager told us
that the previous as well as the following 3 weeks were all fully booked! (Sorry
to disappoint those who have to tried it yet. Anyway, each of us only paid $20!)

This was the sign! Friends started sharing this on Facebook which made everyone 
excited about its promotion. Although I have eaten at Carnivore before, I badly wanted to 
dine there again!

The seats were all occupied with people busy enjoying the meaty feast, as well as other food. The location of where you
were seated played an important role as that determined how fast you get your meat! (Closer to the kitchen will get it

As I did not eat my breakfast (typical Singaporean style before going for a lunch buffet),
I quickly went over to the self-serve section to help myself with some food before I got 
overly starved. The meat only arrive based on time interval, due to the time needed 
for grilling. 

SIM, my surname! (This green token shows that you want more meat.) My friend actually used it as a coaster for his
glass. Rather hilarious!

First slab of meat arrived and I seriously loved it! It was slightly chewy due to a little fats in 
there, and it was certainly dripping with meaty juices.

Beef that I had slight difficulty eating. The meat kept getting stuck in my teeth and prolonged chewing made me rather
lazy to keep up with the movement. 

These plump sausages were a hit among the four of us! I had 3 and I found that it was
very mildly spicy.

The mutton was one of my favourite too. I enjoyed the natural mutton taste and smell
and I ate 3 pieces too!

Fats (from the mutton)? They were the ones that contributed to its chewiness and juiciness. You should be prepared to
have some fats intake the moment you stepped into carnivore. (Not that they serve fats but meat sure have fats!)

Too much meat made our tummy felt rather bloated and uncomfortable, and we gladly invited the acidity and sweetness
of the roasted pineapple into them. I could not helped it but to think that the pineapple actually acted as enzymes to
break down the meat!

Some other food that could be found at Carnivore. Some were really tasty!

We normally thought that watercress soup supposed to be clear and we were so wrong that day. It turned out to be
slightly creamy (not exceedingly) and had many bits of watercress in it. I liked it so much that I drank 3 bowls! (I should
stop typing out the amount I ate!) 

Do not be like me and take so much coleslaw before trying. I regretted it because it was so sour and I could not finish it. I
liked the beetroot as it tasted sweet and sour at the same time. By the way, the baby octopus were really salty that day!

As for the fish, I expected it to be salty, just like the first time I ate at Vivocity. I was so 
right and I shared a piece with my friend. It was rather tender but had that fishy smell.

The bacon with chicken breast finally came. It was always fully taken even before reaching our table (for the first few
rounds). To my disappointment, it was horribly hard and had the strong garlicky taste which pricked my tongue
constantly. We actually longed for something which tasted bad when the chicken thighs tasted much more heavenly.
Anyway, they also have chicken heart upon request. 

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