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10 Aug 2012

Big Bang Korean Buffet Restaurant

Not being a fan of Korean Bands, my interpretion of Big Bang Theory naturally came in
mind when I heard about the restaurant. Not that I am a sci-fiction type of person as I
hardly listened to songs, especially songs that were in a language that I hardly understand.
Anyway, Nyx and I had this buffet for lunch and we got rather pissed during the meal
because of the Big Bang Boy Band songs which kept replaying constantly, irritating our
ears and trying hard to spoil our appetite so we would not eat so much. 

These were available at the cooked food section! If you were a Korean food lover, you
would have started identifying the names of each dishes already! By the way, Nyx ate more
than 5 pancakes which made him a great flour intaker during a buffet which I usually

My favorite was actually the fried sweet potato! Coated by a thin layer of crispy batter, it was really sweet and I could
not help eating plenty of those. (After which I realized that they were a little oily!) The other food were not too bad
except that they were left there to get cold. (No warmers to keep those food warm?)

Our simple Bbq and steamboat meal. Noticed that there were no oil or butter needed as the meat were just placed on the
metal to cook. The meat actually emitted its own oil from its fats and I got disgusted with such big amount of oil. The
seasonings were rather simple, most obvious taste of black pepper could be detected. The super bad thing was that half
the freaking Bbq section could not be used for cooking because there weren't any heat coming from Nyx's side at all!

Happened to scope a spoonful and this came out! Why so serious? Any girls into fairness??

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