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9 Sep 2012

Ah Teng's Bakery

Although located within Raffles Hotel, Ah Teng's Bakery portrayed itself
to be more of a causal hi-tea place. Tsa and I had walked past this outlet
before, and this time, we specially made a trip there to try out some cakes.
Casual wear is allowed in here and this would make people feel comfortable
while they enjoy their meal.

A warm-looking interior greeted my eyes upon entering Ah Teng's Bakery. The aunty (staff) was really friendly and
provided excellent service to us, customers. Although the place looked messy, it was messy in a positive way, which
gave me a sense of being welcomed to a home.

Don't always think that when you see a group of uncles, it meant coffee shop. (Although the interior seems to look a
little bit like one.)

Tsa always ordered coffee or tea. This time was tea, and I was quite surprised that they served TWG English Breakfast
tea bag.

Tsa decided to order the cheesecake to try which surprised me even more. Since when he eat cheesecake? The
cheesecake was nicely shaped as the exterior looked rather smooth as compared to elsewhere (more pleasing to look at).
I liked the cheesy texture of the cheese and found it quite normal while Tsa found it too heavy for him. I was so glad to
be offered all the plump, juicy and sweet blueberries as Tsa did not like fruits! (The size of those blueberries were about
the size of 10 cent coins!)

Besides the cheesecake, Tsa also ordered the kuih lapis. It comes in 2 flavours, pandan and original. This was the
original and it tasted really tasty although it was only mildly sweeten. I think Ah Teng's Bakery baked it themselves. 

As for me, I decided to try out their carrot muffin crumble. The crumble was crunchy and sweet which my sweet tooth
loved! Munching into the muffin itself uncovered chunks of thin carrot strips, raisins and walnuts. The balance of the
muffin was great and there was no one time when I felt that the flour was too much or too plain. (If you preferred soft
muffins, this would not be your liking.) 

Upon seeing that Tsa ordered a cake, I decided to pick one too. I decided to try out the chocolate banana cake which
was the last slice on the display. The layered of sponge, cream, banana and chocolate were nicely stacked on top of
each other, making it looked compressed. I found that the sweetness of the chocolate balanced out the other layers
itself. The banana was slightly mashed and looked a little blackish which I tried not to be bothered by its colour. The bad
mistake I made was not ordering a drink and the sweetness of both desserts almost suffocated me! (Exaggerated a little)
The cheaper version of the chocolate banana cake which I also enjoyed could be found from Secret Recipe.

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