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9 Sep 2012

Antoinette Macarons

After trying out Antoinette's cake the first time, I fell for it. I told myself that I would be back for the other desserts. Just
nice that day after I had renewed my passport for my coming Vietnam trip, I dropped by Antoinette. (Since one of its
outlet is located around Lavender.) My focus that day when I stepped in was these colourful and attractive looking
macarons! Although priced about $3 per piece (a little steep), that did not stopped me from ordering 2 plump looking

The 2 flavours which I took away were Antoinette (left) and Praline (right). Pointless for me to dine in for 2 macarons and
to pay for the Gst and service charge!

Look at its thickness! The filling was so thick! Anyway, Praline was actually hazelnut. Sandwiched between the sugary
flavoured shells, the filling contained bits of hazelnut chunks which added to the crunch. I felt like I was eating a cookie
for a moment or two as I nibbled it, enjoying the nutty richness.   

Antoinette, as expected shared the almost similar taste to the cake which I have tried before. The sense of familiarity hit
me hard and made me recalled how I really enjoyed the cake previously. Tasted of earl grey and chocolate which
matched so well, I bit further in to find its centre concealing a small pool of raspberry jam! (Just like the cake, only that
this time the jam was well hidden and appeared unexpectedly.)

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