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9 Sep 2012

Antoinette's Antoinette

Finally I had the chance to try out Antoinette's Antoinette (the cake which I
ordered). Luckily for me, that day was not crowded as compared to weekends.
I got a cosy seat by the corner, right under the light so that my pictures were
clear (so fortunate as the whole place was a little dim for clear shots). Right
after being seated comfortably, I ordered straight away and waited super
impatiently for my cake to arrive.

The cosy interior of Antoinette really suits me! Classy, cosy, sensual. A perfect place for small group gathering
(provided the group do not make too much noise to spoil the ambiance). More perfect for a date with your lover as
well as with family members. 

My cake finally arrived in front of me! I suspect that I may have a strange fetish for
smooth and glossy looking cakes as I could not help admiring its surface. The booklet
behind was actually the menu which I did not even flipped once as I was aiming the cakes 
from the display counter the moment I stepped in.

Instead of digging into Antoinette, my first reaction was to poke the red bubble resting on top of it. It was firm but
clearly contained something within. I made a cut across the bubble, causing a small flow of jam to leak down slowly. I
have no intention to spoil your appetite but it really reminded my pimple bursting (No offence). Alright, enough of
playing around and let my mouth do the job.

Sorry for the ugly cross-section of my dig-half-way cake! I actually spread the sourish raspberry jam over the cake,
hoping that it was the right way. The bubble was like jelly and I ate it appreciatively. Before I knew it, I have already
eaten half the cake! (You must be dying to know how was it?) One word, heavenly! The first wave of taste that hit me
unaware and flooded my mouth was the earl gray. After a few mouths, the taste of earl grey no longer lingered, but was
overtaken by the more intense second wave of the chocolate (mousse/chocolate/crunch/sponge)! It was really an
exclusive treat that inspired me with awe. 

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