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9 Sep 2012

Bengawan Solo

Since there were seats available at Singapore General Hospital, I ordered a slice of pandan kaya cake after visiting my
dad in one of the wards at that area. (Sorry, but I prefer to keep it private and not going to say the reason why he was
hospitalised.) Anyway, although the cake was simple, I like it very much. (Sometimes simplicity can be the best!) The
pandan and kaya combination went rather well together, emerging as one unique taste. They were like 2 ores, alloying
together to form a stronger material. (I must have played too much games in the past) Another thumbs up was because
of the alternating layers of sponge and pudding-like kaya, it did not contain any cream! (Do not count the decorations
on its surface; I did not like cream.) 

Mum loves coffee and I have already guessed beforehand that she would order the coffee cake. Coffee sponge with
coffee flavoured cream. Everything about it was just coffee. I still preferred my pandan kaya cake!

These kuehs were take-aways. Kueh dar dar, kueh lapis and tapioca cake. They were so-so to me, maybe because it was
already night time and they were no longer as fresh as they were just prepared. As usual, my favourite was the kueh
lapis as I loved the chewiness when biting it layers by layers. 

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