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8 Sep 2012

Blk 644 Hougang Ave 8, Broadway Coffee Shop

I read about the famous muah chee at Blk 644 Hougang Ave 8,
Broadway Coffee Shop from other blog reviews. Apparently,
it has many positive reviews. Therefore, I decided to ask my friend
along to visit this place. We travelled to Hougang just to try it....

This is the block which sells the yummy muah chee.

When we reached, there was 2 person in front ordering. The couple worked together and 
both of them are quite friendly. It is true that he uses hand to pull the dough from the big 
lump and dipped into the oil before throwing it into the peanut mixture.

His hands were fast in pulling and look at all those bite size muah chee! It tempted me even more to put those in my
mouth right away!

My friend and I shared a box of $5 muah chee. It was really chewy and it makes a rather good snack when you feel like
chewing something.

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