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8 Sep 2012

Muah Chee - The black version

The same muah chee outlet at Blk 644 Hougang Ave 8, Broadway
Coffee Shop. This time, black version! This black version is only
available when Chinese New Year seasons is just around the corner.
The link for my previous round (normal muah chee) can be found here.

Skk and I shared a $5+ muah chee. It was average this time round as maybe Skk and I got too sian from travelling from
lavender mrt station to hougang, and taking bus over to the coffeeshop itself. An inconvenience of not driving. You are
able to see the black glittering speckles of black sesame in the muah chee as well as the outside (coating). It was as
chewy as the white version and maybe slightly more fragrant too.

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