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9 Sep 2012

Bread Talk Cakes

The tiramisu costs $5.50 and it comes in a plastic cup with some texts on it. A typical kind with layers of sponge and
mousse and a lump of 'macaroon' shell as decoration. Not really impressive anyway. 

This slice of hazelnut cake costs $4.20 and I did not like it one bit. The base was made up of 3 mini swiss rolls which was
quite hard, with cream and cocoa coated the top surface. (I forgot to remove the plastic around it!)

As for the cheese cakes, they cost $2.20 each and they were in a sweet-looking package.

I found the size just right as it was easy to eat in this stick form. It was surely meant to be an easy biteable and
convenient snack. Although the cheese taste was quite subtle, the texture was smooth. It went well with the biscuit-
like base which was munchy and gave a nice crisp snap when I bit into it.

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