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8 Sep 2012

Breadtalk Tiramisu Cake

SADLY, it was my 22nd birthday. You may wonder why sadly?
Did I get a lousy present? No
Did I get smashed by cake? No
Did I get raped'? No
I will just cut the suspense. I just got myself into the 'emo' mood
because I got 1 year older. Getting old is natural and I hated it
although it can't be helped. To me, getting older means getting closer
to a grave, towards death. My freaking brain will start working
hay-wire by itself, thinking about death, how is death like and
what comes after death. I actually hoped that I would forget my
own age or better still, remain young! (Omg, sounds like a girl's
wish) I also hid my birthday date from my facebook profile, hoping
that no one noticed that I hae aged!
Ok, enough of CRAP. Time to post my tiramisu cake!

My simple tiramisu cake from Breadtalk. Normal coffee taste with cocoa powder on top. It was quite difficult removing
the plastic sheet around the circumference of the cake and I got fed up doing so. The 4 cream-coloured stuffs in the
centre are like hollow macaroon shells. It was the thought that counts!

A closer view of it. My picture background sucks. The mat was quite childish and brightly coloured. A total mismatched
from my cake!

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