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8 Sep 2012

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (50% off cakes)

I met Lky at Sembawang to just to have desserts as we
were craving for some affordable cakes. We actually
ate cakes before our dinner (Kfc). Throughout the dinner
I kept whining about how much fats, oil and how unhealthy
the dinner was, although I continued eating. Let's not talk
about it and go back to Coffee Bean.You may wonder why
Sembawang instead of other Coffee Bean outlets. A picture
shows a thousand words, right below.

There it is, it says 50% off after 6pm. Only weekdays and not on public holidays. After 
the 50% off, each cake is only about $3.00. Quite a good deal for a cake dessert. Although
I have eaten quite from this outlet quite a couple of times, this was this 1st time my camera 
was with me. I normally visited this place during my night's out (from army camp which 
forbids cameras).

I choose the blueberry cheese cake as they did not replenish the other cheese cakes. I am quite a fan of cheese cakes
because of its texture and doesn't feel so sinful as compared to chocolate cake. (Maybe is my own thinking fooling
myself) The blueberry jam on top is mildly sweet and it helps to balance the bland cheese taste.

Lks choose the thousand leaf chocolate cake, which I had eaten a couple of times before. This chocolaty cake have a
few layers of sponges and cream and a nice smooth coat of chocolate on the top as well as its side. My friend and I
found the sponge part quite coarse but overall, it was a nice dessert.

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