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9 Sep 2012

Fancy Delight

Are you fan of egg tarts? If your answer is yes then you got to try out
this outlet. Before watching the movie 'Hunger Games', Ocf and I went to
Hot Tomatoes for lunch and happened to pass by this outlet after that. We
both shared a box of 4 in which each of us picked 2 types. As there was no
place for dine in, we to NEX's open space at the top floor to eat. New
background for my food photography. (We were a little afraid as there was
lightning and just nice we were standing at the location of the 'lightning

The bright orange and white outlet attracted our attention when we walked past.

Not to say, its display of colourful treats made our urge to try those egg tarts grew stronger.

A box of 4 pieces for $5.60. Guess which flavour we choose?

Ocf choose the green tea and orange chocolate while I choose the double chocolate and durian! Look at the shape of
these egg tarts, so different from the normal ones. They looked like little flower pots filled with egg custards. The egg
custards were really soft and yummy!

We split all 4 into halves so that we could share all the flavours. The green tea flavour was the tart itself. The egg
custards in the double chocolate and orange chocolate were flavoured with chocolate and orange respectively and as
for the durian, real fillings!

Our favourite was the durian egg tart. I did not make the wrong choice as before I actually ordered it, I went to ask the
sales assistant if the durian was only the flavour. She said no and I ordered it straight away. I felt the real durian flesh at
the base as I ate it.

Just do not use too much force when you hold your little 'flower pots' as they were either quite fragile or I used too much

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