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9 Sep 2012

Fried Sweet Potato Dumpling (Maxwell Road)

Located in Maxwell Road Food Centre, this was one stall which I found really
unique. The stall name was 'Fried Sweet Potato Dumpling', and I have tried
from it a couple of times before when my dad bought a few for the family
for munching purpose. That day I brought my friend Lks to Maxwell just to
snack on some of the popular food which I thought would deserve applause
and would also appeal to snackers like us. By the way, do not go too early to
avoid disappointment as this stall only start its business around evening time.

These golden brown spheres and oblongs were the fried sweet potato dumplings (that was what the stall called them).
They have the plain ones as well as those that had fillings stuffed into their cores.

The stall is run by an elderly couple which used this industrial and high-tech looking 
machine to deep fry those dumplings. (The swirl was way too fast for my lousy camera 
to capture....actually I was too lazy to adjust the shutter speed.)

Lks and I bought only 2 each although we were rather tempted to buy more to try out all the fillings available. Despite
being a bit oily, we could not wait for the minimum oil to be slowly drained into the plastic itself. We have already taken
bites after bites and enjoying the mild sweetness of the sweet potato snack. 

This was the plain one and we both agreed that despite being 'empty', it tasted the best! From within the crisp crust, the
glowing orange hue emits. It certainly was as expected, remarkably chewy! (Not overly hard or sticky.)

This was the one with the red bean filling which I ate. The paste added an additional boost of sweetness to the overall
taste. A bomb with added addictive 'posion' within. (In this case, I meant it to be in a positive way.)

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