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8 Sep 2012

Fruit Paradise

Lks and I decided to have a break at Fruit Paradise (Orchard) after walking
around Orchard Road. The selection of tarts on display were rather tempting
and colourful. Although the menu had a variety of tarts to choose from, there
were many unavailable due to the fact that Orchard Central had very low
visitor counts. After pondering quite a while, we ordered a tart each. I opted
for the set which came with a pot of flower tea to share with Lks. 

Lks thought that this was an epic shot! Complicated and messy but attractive at the same time. I thought that using this
picture for a game of spot the difference would be challenging. 

I loved this view! A row of delicious looking tarts that I could not resist. If they were real, I would have smashed the
glass and ate them. (Joking only, I am not so violent!) The fake fruits were also enough to brighten up a dull person's

I could not remember the name of the tarts but anyway, Lks and I shared them. Fruits and quite a lot of cream rested
comfortably on the tart as we took our time disassembling it portion by portion, savouring the taste. The chocolate
decoration on top seems to be releasing a glow on its own!

This was the banana one! We were going bananas over the sweet fruit chunks which paired well with the cream. Totally
blew us away, making us begging for more!

To cleanse our palate, nothing beats a cup of hot fragrant flower tea.

Not to forget a shot of ourselves enjoying the relaxing moment.

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