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8 Sep 2012

Haagen Dasz Ice Cream Cake

It is going to be the end of 2011. In less than 24 hours time, there
will be a count down to the new year. I just can't wait for June to
arrive as it would be the time for me to shout, really SHOUT
Alright, enough of that. Anyway, my dad bought an ice cream cake
(practically ice cream in cake form, as usual) back home. When I
opened the freezer, I saw a huge black cake box sitting patiently in
the freezer (waiting to be eaten). I opened it up and realised that the
size of the cake box was deceiving. The cake was not as large as the
box. I started snapping fast shots before the cake started melting.
After the cake was cut, I helped myself with a quarter of it.

An inverted heart shaped ice cream cake. Not that the cake was inverted, I took the picture inverted. Quite simple
decorations with frozen strawberries around the circumference, cream everywhere and sauces filling the heart.

A straighter view now. 

This view showed the thickness of the ice cream cake.

My quarter share of the ice cream cake! Totally strawberry ice cream, great for strawberry fans.

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