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8 Sep 2012

Haagen Dazs (6 scopes)

Another crazy time when I SPAMMED on ice cream! Haagen dazs
was my favourite brand of ice cream but now, Ben and Jerry's have
been trying to make me change of heart. Anyway, my dad brought
me to Bishan's outlet to have desserts and my appetite for desserts
was HUGE!

I chose 6 scoops of ice cream and as usual, some of my favourites were there. (Eg, Green Tea, Cookies and Cream,
Tiramisu) I added a cookie too for some crunchy moments. As for the topping, I did not add them. They were
accidentally added and therefore, were free.

ME, enjoying the sinful moments of 6 scoops and a cookie. 'Heng' my tummy was not too obvious while sitting like that
and the Christmas tree was in the picture too. (The stupid lady in black shirt spoilt my picture!) I was afraid to put on
weight and that night itself, I went running! Lame right?...

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