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9 Sep 2012

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

The National Day Promotion for the month of August. Golden Yam Roll ($4.90) - Sweet
potato and yam paste wrapped in pumpkin skin topped with gingko nuts and drizzled with
coconut milk. A standard yam paste dessert, only in a more artistic form. The presentation
definitely caught my attention (coconut milk on one side symbolised the yin and yang?)
and it tasted decent too. 

Also on promotion, the Strawberry Mango Pomelo Pudding ($5.90) was not too bad. It was more on the sourish side
because of the mango (strawberry as well). Actually nothing really special about it, as compared to the one above.

Another view of the pudding! More like mango pudding with mango soup?

My mum tried the black sesame paste and she did not exactly enjoyed it. It was so watery and tasted really diluted.
(I did not edit the brightness of the picture and you could tell from the colour of it.) 

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