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9 Sep 2012

Hum Jin Pang (Maxwell Road)

Also located at Maxwell Road Food Centre, Lks and I decided to 
queue at this Hum Jin Pang stall which I recommended after eating our
fried sweet potato dumpling. At first I was quite reluctant to eat,
felt that I had enough deep fried food that day. After much persuasion
by Lks and also the price was $1.00 for 6 pieces (can you imagine that!?!?,
and he can't finish all 6 by himself too), I finally agreed to eat 2 pieces only.

This was the stall that sells only Hum Jin Pangs. Quite a number of people were already queueing up. There were 2 types
of Hum Jin Pangs available. The plain or with red bean paste.

Let me explain how this stall works. This lady just rolled those doughs (or stuff them 
with red bean paste) and tossed them into the boiling oil in front of her. We as costumers 
were the cooks!

The sizzling battle started! Tossed into the arena of hot oil and sesame debris of the previous victims, chopsticks came
naturally upon them as I started flipping those 'starting-to-get-swollen' doughs. Another pair of chopsticks whom the
user was an auntie joined in the dough tormenting session with me. 

Lks and I took turns exchanging our tools, the pair of chopsticks and my camera to snap nice shots with our fake hawker
cooking pose.

This was it! The final outcome of the doughs. After being fried, they were coated rather unevenly with icing sugar. A
war between sweetness and saltiness fighting over to gain dominance in our tastebuds took place. I welcomed the
sweetness wholeheartedly while Lks took the opposing side!

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