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9 Sep 2012

Ice Cream Art (Buffet)

Having bought 2 groupon vouchers for $9 each, which entitled Nyx and I to
have an ice cream buffet for an hour at Ice Cream Art. The location was bad
as it required me to travel all the way from my home (Ang Mo Kio) to Tiong
Bahru MRT station, and then a bus to Sports Lifestyle Centre. When we
entered, we were stunned as we did not expect such a small outlet. We started
our 1h buffet spree and the lady boss (I supposed) was really friendly. I also
requested the scopes of ice cream given to be slightly smaller than normal as
we both wanted to try all the flavours. The flavours available that day were
green tea, oreo cheese cake, horlick malt, dark chocolate, raspberry swirl,
cookies and cream, raspberry cheese cake, mango, lychee, soursoap, green
apple yogurt, strawberry yogurt, kiwi and durian! (Only last part than noticed the
existence of durian ice cream.)        

While waiting for the waffles to be ready, I started off with green tea (had slight milkiness and mild bitterness), oreo
cheese cake (thought that it was cookies and cream) and horlick malt (strong taste, but not my type of ice cream).  

Next I went for the dark chocolate (thick and chocolaty, had an unusual smell), raspberry swirl (a bit sour, not much
raspberry though) and cookies and cream (had a little dough texture).

After the normal flavours, I went for the fruity ice cream selections. I had mango (was thick and tasted weird, my least
favourite), soursoap and lychee (both had mild flavour and were rather soothing, great for such horribly hot weather).

Finally our waffles came! We each had 3 scopes of ice cream on it. Freshly made waffles are always crisp and moist,
perfect combination for ice creams!

Nyx's 2nd waffle with 2 of his favourite ice cream flavours from the selection.

My 2nd waffle too, with lychee and cookies and cream ice cream again.

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