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8 Sep 2012

IKEA Restaurant

After having our fill and chatting for over 3 hours, the place was still crowded. We decided not to leave this place yet
without trying the desserts. As girls are afraid to get fat, they shared this chocolate slice. As for Ocf and I, we ordered
all 3 slices of pie. Wll and Ocf preferred this the most as maybe the chocolate felt thick and 'shiok'.

Wcy and I preferred this nutty slice with strong butterscotch taste. The strong fragrance of the butterscotch made me
addicted and wanting for more.

If you want something less sinful, you could go for this. Apple pie! The chunks of apple would make apple lovers drool.
We should have eaten this first before eating the other two pies as it felt tasteless with our mouths overwhelming with
chocolate and butterscotch sweetness.

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