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8 Sep 2012

Island Creamery

Holland Village sure was rather hot that day. After our meal at tcc,
we wandered around in search for a dessert place to chill. We
found 2am Dessert Bar but Nyx was quite against going to eat
such expensive desserts. We decided to settle our dessert craves at
Island Creamery. I am quite a screwed up person when it comes to
getting ice cream. I normally ended to testing about 5 flavours before
having my final choice. The Pineapple Tarts flavour was quite good
but I have already been eating too many of them during the Chinese
New Year period.  
(I had real problem reading the texts from the actual website itself.
They need to do something about the texts against the crashing back-

Nyx decided to try their Baked Alaska. At first, it does not really looked appealing to me. The staff told us that the outer
was meringue and after hearing that word, the 1st thing that came in my mind was SUGAR! I decided to skip that as my
option straight away.

Now you know why it was call after the name of mountains. It really looked like some sort of melting mountain,
dissipating quickly into Nyx's mouth. (Some part went into mine too) Underneath the meringue was strawberry ice-
cream, rested on a layer of plain sponge. Overall it was a simple and soothing combination.

As for me, I made a bad choice and I regretted it. I tried out their apple pie with a scoop of ice cream. The flour was soft
and it felt soggy to me while the apple was in chunks and I disliked the 'sauceless' feel.  Luckily, my Black Forest ice
cream was a pick-me-up and it refreshed me with sweetness sins. (Dark chocolate that was bitter with a few chunks of
cherries inside)

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