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8 Sep 2012

Ji De Chi Desserts

After the movie, my friends and I went for desserts at Ji De Chi (remember to eat?). I
ordered the durian shaved ice which looked rather majestic among all the other desserts. A
pile of durian pulp was placed at the side, making it looked kind of disgusting. (Form and

On the other side, there were pomelo pulps which I did not like because they were bitter, and a pile of yogurt balls. I
loved the feeling of these balls bursting in my mouth, although it did not go well with the shaved ice.

One of my friend had the yam paste with pumpkin and ginkgo nuts. A sweet and comforting dessert.

Another had the mango sago ice. Strong mango taste and refreshing. My other 2 friends ate the black sesame paste with
glutinous rice ball and the peanut soup. Taste wise were pretty normal (not posted as the pictures were blurry).

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