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8 Sep 2012


I heard about this outlet from a friend's facebook
post. I never knew around the corner of Ann Siang Hill 
would have such lovely and cosy place which sell cakes.
I happened to go to China Town with Hzy and Gbk
to change currency for my coming Taiwan trip, and decided
to drop by k-ki to have a dessert.

You are at the right place when you see this red mailbox.

The young lady was polite and soft spoken. Her smile was as sweet as the cakes! (I have not tried the cakes yet, LOL)

I ordered this dome chocolate cake which tasted really heavenly. Before I took my time
enjoying every bite of it, I spammed quite a few shots as the lighting was rather
compromising as I sat outdoors. She gave me a glass of water too. We are also allowed
to pay after we have eaten. 

What a perfect looking dome! It looks too nice and cute to be eaten. I was rather
 reluctant to take the first bite that would spoil the perfection.

Another shot of a different angle. The cake looks so photoshopped on the clean white plate.

Finally tried it. So creamy and sweet. Felt the sponge and crunch inside. I took my time savouring this piece of joy.

This is the little drom store which shares the same shop space as k-ki. It sells many knick-knacks.

I think girls would like looking through these things more than guys.

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