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8 Sep 2012

Let's Sweets ; Japanese Buffet & Sweets

It was the colourful and seductive desserts displayed which tempted me
to try this buffet. I have walked past this outlet a couple of times at Bishan,
Junction 8 and each time, I could not take my eyes off the display shelves. 
Although the outlet at Bishan have already closed down, there is still another 
outlet located at Bugis Junction. (The food from different outlet varies slightly)  
I went with Lyx to eat this buffet, which has a time limit of 80 minutes for
dinner, and it was more than enough time for me to try out every single
desserts and some of the food. I was already prepared for the high amount of
calories intake and would be willing to run extra to eat this buffet. I actually
started taking the desserts first before proceeding on to the other food.
Sweet tooth like me loves this buffet!

A really good method to catch the attention of sweet tooth like me! I was really desperate to try out all the desserts the
moment I entered this buffet.

The second display shelf side by side with the shelf on previous picture. They really know how to make people drool.

Lyx and I started off with a nice cup of hot tea before beginning our meal. There was even a timer on the table which I
found rather irritating as the time kept counting down from 80 minutes.

Pizzas, pasta, some dim sums and other finger food can be found in this buffet. They did not really interest me much as
my attention was all the while on the desserts.

I really ATE ALL the desserts available. I was too busy gobbling them down that I neglected enjoying them. I only
posted some of the nicer pictures taken before my shameless gobbling started. I like the matcha sponge cake the most.

What do you do when you see jellies and did not know which flavour to choose? You take them all! Anyway, all the
flavours were different and they were easy to swallow.

I looked so bewitched by desserts!

Looks can be rather deceiving. They were actually jellies with cream and fruits as toppings. I felt tricked as they
occupied my stomach space!

Random cakes! Some tasted really good. (Calories definitely not included!)

The crepe station where crepes were made on the spot. She sure looked focus to make me a nice crepe. So touched!

I got to choose my own toppings and I requested for extra ice cream! I love my crepe drenched with sauce and slightly
soggy from the ice cream, with banana slices for extra flavour.

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