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7 Sep 2012

Little Cherry Restaurant (Bbq/Steamboat)

Another Bbq/Steamboat meal along Bugis and we least expected this meal as it was a last minute decision. Our large Bbq
arena and the heat was on, creating a glow of visible red aura!

The raw food were ordered as ale carte and were presented in huge slabs like above. In this manner, we did not need to
worry about the meat being unfresh.   

Our Bbq spamming process started! This was the most systematic bbq I ever had as we bbqed them batches by batches,
alternating between pork, mutton, chicken, as well as some others.

By the way, the steamboat was separated from the Bbq and the pot was so small that it almost overflowed a couple of
times. (The systematic flow went on, ensuring us that there were always food on our plates, with minimal waiting time.)
Our food management skills improved! Should have a degree for that after the meal, LOL!

One of our favourite was the pork chop! (The slab of meat was cut with a scissor provided.) The only unfortunate thing
about this bbq arena was that the amount of oil kept increasing, resulting in a small pool enveloping our meat. The next
worst thing that happened would be the start of a war zone. Like a battlefield of guns crossfire, the oil would splatter out
and the 4 of us would try to sit as far as possible.

With such a big bbqing space and constant removal of oil/burnt parts by the staff, we could easily 'fried' a sunny side-
up egg at ease!

With the well marinated slices of chicken, an egg and chinese sausages, we ended up stir-frying a cze char dish that
tasted so yummy and we did it over 3 times. Too bad we were too full to try mixing kimchi with plain rice or experiment
with other combinations. It was an enjoyable catching up session with yummy food. However, I seriously had generated
a fear or oil after that meal! The amount of oil produced by those meat disgusted me totally.

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