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8 Sep 2012

Marvelous Cream

After our dinner, Czm, Gwt, Ven, Cher and I headed to Marvelous Cream for our ice cream indulgence. I bought that
waffle that contained unbearable amount of cream in it for Czw as he needed to rush back to camp.

Among all the 3 ice cream, we all agreed that my choice of the strawberry was best! When I placed a spoon of ice cream
into my mouth, I felt a sense of icy chill than instantly refreshed me, while the strawberry flavour slowly crept out after
the chill wears off. I loved the small little chunks of banana and strawberry which added more texture to the smooth ice
cream. However, the sad thing was that the ice cream always finish much earlier than the waffle basket.

Gwt and Czm shared the chocolate flavour, with banana chunks and chocolate sauce. A rather chocolaty mix which I got
sicked of over time. The ice cream really melted rather quickly as by the time I took the picture, it was already in that
melty I-don't-let-you-take (picture of me) state.

As for ven and cher, they also shared the chocolate ice cream with milo powder and chocolate bits. Another rather thick
and fudgy mixture and no wonder they kept digging into my not-as-sinful strawberry ice cream! 

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