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9 Sep 2012

mini one

After our meal at Tampopo Restaurant, we went to grab some snacks to munch. The croissants caught Lhy's attention
as he seriously is into that particular pastry.  

He bought 100g of Mini Croissants for $2.40 (4 - 5 pieces) as mini one sells them by 100 grams. They were flaky but too
hollow/airy (due to their size) and certainly not the kind for me to have proper enjoyment. 

Gbk bought 100g of  Imo-Mochi for $3.00 (7 - 8 pieces). They were a little hard, dry and slightly chewy. Contained black
sesame seeds and the Japanese sweet potato fillings felt almost like nothing.

As for me, I bought 100g of Mini Cheesecakes for $3.50 (7 - 8 pieces). I simply loved it and definitely not because of its
size but they were soft, slightly creamy and cheesy! I could easily popped many into my mouth. (It tasted almost like
Fiesta's Japanese Cheesecake!)

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