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8 Sep 2012

MOF ; My Izakaya

Skk and I met up at Nex and we decided to try out the MOF buffet.
Each person can choose either the cheese or the chocolate fondue
and we picked 1 each to share. The rest of the ice cream, pancakes,
hand rolls and hot green tea were free flow!
(The soft serve with the sweet potato or yam is limited to one per person)
I found that this was more of a snacks and dessert buffet. You would
not want to eat this buffet as your lunch unless you like hand rolls and
many pancakes. 

These assorted fried food were served one time only to dip into the cheese fondue. We both found the cheese a little
too diluted.

The tako ball swimming in the bright yellow hue of the cheese pool.

These were the assorted snacks and fruits served to dip into the milo fondue. (I think was milo.)

It was also diluted and not thick enough. I rather it to be thick creamy chocolate rather than the bubbly brown mud pool.

One of the type of pancakes served. This one was with crispy chicken pieces and cheese sauce.

As for the ice cream, the serving was overly generous. See the tall towering soft serve with
ice at its base and strawberries around. Light strawberry sauce glided slowly down the

This was the 1 time serving with either yam or sweet potato. Both the yam and sweet potato tasted sweet while the outer
was slightly crispy.

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