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8 Sep 2012

My fat lady cakes & bakes

As Tsa wanted to shop for his boxing gloves around Haji
lane at Bugis, we happened to walked past this lovely
bakery hidden within the streets. I got tempted by food easily
and ended up going in to try out a cupcake.

This is a shot at the glass display window of my fat lady cakes & bakes. I loved the interior of the bakery and the
reflection of the opposite shop house merging as one.

I went to asked for the most popular cupcake and was recommended red velvet. As there 
was no place to eat inside the shop, I sat at the bench outside to capture more pictures 
before digging in with the given spoon.

Rose designed red coloured and white below the red cheese cream.

Finally had a few spoonful transferred into my mouth. It was yummy when eaten together with the cheese cream as the
cheese gave the taste.

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