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8 Sep 2012

Once Upon A Milkshake

The name itself reminded me of fairytale stories which always
started by 'Once upon a time'. It was exactly where the inspiration
of this outlet came from! I was with Ocf and each of us ordered a
regular sized milkshake with a topping each. 

The lists of flavours were really attractive and it comes with the cartoon graphic. I actually look through every single
graphic while waiting for the staff to prepare our milkshakes.

I really doubt people would choose toppings such as gummy bears to add to their milkshake! Imagine the weirdness.

I was spoilt for choice as they have around 18 flavours that day (more not listed that
day). I took quite long deciding on what flavour to drink and ended up randomly picking 
'Grumbling Raisins' which was rum and raisins in exact. My topping was marshmallows
and it did felt odd as they were hard rather than chewy.

As for Ocf, he decided to drink the 'Babelicious Baileys' (It was baileys irish cream). Another alcohol infused milkshake
but not as strong as my rum taste. He added granules as topping (for added crunch?). Anyway, we both drank till we
almost finished and we got sicked of the taste. We felt that the milkshakes were a little too sweet for our liking.

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