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30 Sep 2012

Pine Garden Cakes (Round 2)

The Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch ($2.60) was not as nutty as I though it would be as the 2 nuts on top were
the only nuts spotted around. Mainly cream that tasted like caramel with nutty tone and many tiny little
chocolates balls which added a crunch. Nothing too complicated about the slices of Pine Garden Cakes.

The alcoholic name of Bailey Chocolate Crunch ($3.10 ; most expensive slice among that rest) tempted
me as I was having some bitter-sweet cravings. Unfortunately, the flavor was quite minimal and I could
hardly detect any traces of alcohol. The pale yellowish-orange fruit remained an enigma to me but I
guessed that it was a gooseberry. It was so sourish that I wanted to spit it out after merely taking a bite and
letting the juice took effect on me. Same as the hazelnut cake, it has many little crunchy balls of chocolate
biscuits which I thought would only appeal to kids. Anyway, my first post on Pine Garden Cakes can be

found here!

*Update* (29/04/14)

Since I was nearby that day, I decided to dine in for a piece of cake to satisfy my sugar craving!
I decided to pick the soursoap moscato since it sounds rather unique and I would love to
enjoy the hint of alcohol taste. Just a simple piece of cream cake I would say, with alternating
fluffy plain sponge and cream that contained bits of soursoap pulp, giving it a slightly crunchy
texture. Skip that lone gooseberry on top if you dislike the tartness.

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