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9 Sep 2012

Pique Nique

Having heard about Pique Nique quite a number of times, Tsa and
I decided to try out the food there. It is located at Takashimaya and
after walking a few rounds around the basement and not knowing
what to eat, we saw this place with cushion seats that attracted us.
When I saw that it was Pique Nique, I scolded myself silently for why
didn't I thought of it earlier. Anyway, Pique Nique is one of Chef Pang's
own company, the Sugar Daddy Group (the other is Anoinette).

Talking about cushion chairs, both Tsa and I preferred comfortable
cushions as compared to those hard wooden ones. We sat near the 
entrance, beside the walkway. I got rather irritated by passer-bys
walking to and fro as the side was open. (Some people even peeped 
through to see what we were eating, super irritating!) The worst was my
cushion chair where the area to place my ass on was stained! A big patch
of don't know what stain greeted my eyes straight after I pulled the chair 
out. I was so dam reluctant to place my ass on it. Tsa ordered The Pique Nique
Classique and he loved it.

As for me, I decided to try out the desserts. I ordered the Ice Cream Profiterole. I did not know what a Profiterole actually
was till I saw it right in front of me. It tasted like buttered bread and its skin was slightly crisp. I also choose butterscotch
sauce which I found slightly too sweet for my liking. The ice cream flavours I had were Peanut Butter and Caramel,
Butterscotch and Malted Milk. I was stunned when I saw that all 3 choices of my ice cream were somehow same in
colour! BROWN or tones of it. Who cares about their colour when their taste is all that matters! A nice burst of flavours
when I ate them bit by bit, savouring the unique flavours which complimented well with the profiterole.

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