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8 Sep 2012

Salted Caramel

Lks and I went over to Salted Caramel to eat ice-cream after our lunch
at Upper Thomsom. It was a perfect timing for ice-cream as the weather
was really hot and dry. It was the first time for me and I tried quite a few
flavours before ordering my favourite 2. It was difficult to judge the taste
from tasting a small 'scrape' of ice-cream. As for Lks, it was not his first
time eating here. He lived nearby and he tried most of the flavours before. 

I had the double scoop ice-cream. Stout & Chocolate was addictive! It had a mild stout taste while its bitterness merged
with the chocolate itself. My second scoop was the avocado. It was kind of milky but the avocado taste was not
prominent enough. 

Lks had the Horlicks Tim Tam. It tasted not bad with crunchy bits of Tim Tam. The Horlicks really felt like vanilla to me.

 (This was eaten the week after and I decided to combine the posts)

Chocolate sobert was quite chocolaty. Chocolate lovers will enjoy this.

Baileys was one of my favourites. I was glad that the alcohol was not too strong as I am that type who enjoys subtle
amount, just to get the taste.

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