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9 Sep 2012


That day while I was along Upper Thomson Road, I decided to try out the ice cream at Scoopz since the weather was
rather hot. I ordered 2 medium scoops of ice cream for $3.90 and the serving size was pathetic. I was quite disgusted
when I started looking for a place to sit and realised that the place was full, except for a few tables that was not cleared.
(I had no choice but to sit at the table with 2 empty cups.) The two flavours I had were chocolate ganache and durian.
Both were supposingly strong flavours but I did not find them fantastic at all. I wanted to enjoy the melting-point of the
ice cream as they would melt slowly, coating its surface with cool liquid instead of poking into solid hard ice cream. I was
quite disappointed as the ice cream was against me and purposely did not want to melt readily. I felt like I was a teacher
forcing a student to read a passage from the textbook when they did not want to (when I started to smash the ice cream).

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