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9 Sep 2012

Secret Recipe Macadamia Cake

When you see such a slab of cake, rough texture and multiple layering, which outlet would naturally come to mind? For
me, it would definitely be Secret Recipe. From my previous posts - link 1 and link 2, you would know what I meant. By
the way, this slab of Macadamia Cake was not from Singapore, it was from Malaysia - take away.

The macadamia cake itself was not that sweet and suitable for people who were afraid to have too much sugar intake.
(Although it has a thin layer of white chocolate along its circumference, adding some sweetness to the overall taste.)
It definitely tasted much better than those cakes that I have tried from Singapore's outlets. (Why Malaysia only have
this cake?) Both the sponge and cream had the nutty taste which would make a nut lover go nuts! The chunky bits of
macadamia nuts added a crunch but sadly they tasted like they were kept too long.

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