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9 Sep 2012

Seventh Heaven Artisanal Desserts

Gbk, Lhy and I met up at Paya Leba MRT station to take a shuttle
bus to Katong 112. Lhy said that Katong 112 was a newly built mall
with carpeted flooring which I have not heard of. Anyway, besides the
travel distance which I mind, no harm exploring new places and at the
same time in search for good food. The place delighted me as I saw many
interesting food outlets which I have not come across before (a big wow)!
After our lunch at Spaghetti & Pizza GOEMON (which I don't think was
worth posting about), we headed to Seventh Heaven Artisanal Desserts for
a relaxing session over some ice creams.

The moment I saw the menu, I fell for it. It just looked like a piece of artwork awaiting 
to be framed up.

Gbk ordered the 'Listen to your heart' tea, which was a combination of fruits and flora. 
Not sure why he wanted to drink tea from a dessert outlet. (Must be the name of the tea
that attracted him.)

Beside the tea, he had a scope of Black Russian ice cream. It was an obvious alcoholic 
ice cream from its name as a cocktail had the same name. Not sure if the bitterness was 
from the chocolate or from the alcohol. He did not really seems to enjoy his bitter choice! 

As for me, I had a double scope. One flavor was the Lychee Martini which I was 
totally addicted to. It has a creamy texture with a slight hint of alcohol and mild lychee
flavor. Every spoonful felt rather soothing and refreshing to me. The other flavor was
Butterscotch and Pecan. (Another white ice cream) It was too sweet for my liking and 
it contained bits of nuts. The really bad thing about double or more scopes of ice cream
in a cup is that if the flavors crash, it spoils the taste.

Both Gbk and my ice cream came with a small glass of palate cleanser. It was Passion 
Fruit Sorbet that was quite sour and it helped to wash off our ice cream taste that
lingered in our mouth. I accidently toppled the glass as the base was rounded. 
Luckily nothing spilled out as the sorbet was still in its icy form.

As for Lhy he had Wild Strawberries ice cream in a chocolate cup (I forgot the exact name). His dessert arrived and it
really made us laughed! It looked really gay, pink ice cream in a little distorted chocolate cup, with a strawberry resting
on a pile of cream on the ice cream. A supposing wise choice for females who wanted to act feminine. The wild
strawberries flavor tasted just like any other ordinary strawberry flavour. I guessed he got scammed by the extra word

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