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8 Sep 2012

Sweet Spring (Closed)

We also ordered the pudding combo for $5.90, which includes (from bottom to top) the
caramel pudding, strawberry pudding and the durian pudding with red bean.

We actually split the servings into 2 portion. Our eating style was the same. We started 
tasting all 3 pudding first, and we ate the most horrible first and kept the best for the last. 
I dislike the strong eggy taste of the caramel pudding and ate it fast. Both of us felt that 
the red bean did not go well with the durian and we ended up eating the pudding separately. 
The strawberry pudding was sweet and we took our time savouring the berry taste.  

We decided to try out their homemade soya beancurd since it was being advertised on the poster, at the the entrance of
the outlet. It came in a bucket and we get to add in our desired amount of honey. Don't be fooled by the bucket's depth
as the actual serving reached only half of its depth. Anyway, the texture was rather silky and as smooth as my ass

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