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8 Sep 2012

Sweets Garibaldi

After a good lunch at Tcc, Skk and I wanted try out Antoinette's
cakes at Mandarin Gallery. Unfortunately, the outlet was small and
was fully occupied. (2nd time we did not manage to get seats!) We
walked around Mandarin Gallery and found Sweets Garibaldi. I
remembered the name of this outlet as I have eaten at the restaurant
before. (The link can be found here) Just nice there were 2 tables,
with 2 chairs each at the corner of the outlet. We decided to try out
the cakes after hearing the friendly staff introducing to us the top few
popular selections of this outlet.

Tucked at the corner, we posed with our cakes! I hated the light above me making me glowed like some glow worm.

Skk ordered the Crunchy Heaven as it was recommended by the staff. It was a combination of chocolate and hazelnut
cream, chocolate sponge with crunchy praline at its base. The 2 hazelnuts were 'glittering' and the chocolate decoration
had a certain thickness. Skk mentioned that luckily it was a small slice as eating too much would make him sicked of the
taste. (Although it was not too bad)

As for me, I decided to try the Garibaldi Cheesecake since it was one of the popular choice too. It had simple decorations
of a 'glossy' strawberry, blueberry and 2 strips of tangerine peels. The peels were sweet and had the unique taste of
tangerine. As for the cheese cake, I loved it! It was really light, just as the staff described. It crumbled effortlessly when
placed into my mouth and it doesn't make you want to spit out your sticky saliva after consuming it. (No unglam sounds
of trying to clear your throat because of the stickiness too!) There were also 3 orange flavoured jelly cubes hidden
within the cheesy cylinder that surprised and delighted me.

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