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9 Sep 2012


When you guys see the title, you would wonder why Tcc again? What's
so good about Tcc? My answer would just be, I don't know. One main
reason is that Tcc had many outlets all around Singapore, and since that
day Tsa and I had no where to chill after our dinner, we decided to drop
by its outlet at City Hall. Anyway, I would no longer be patronising Tcc
that often as they are many other chill-out outlets in Singapore which I
have yet to explore. (Unless it is my birthday month when I receive my
50% and 30% off the entire bill again!)

As usual, Tsa ordered a cup of tcc's Premium. He always ordered coffee or tea and I was not surprised when he ordered

As for me, I wanted something light and soothing. I decided to try out the Berry Bed of 
Roses. It came in a curvy glass and the drink was pale gayish pink in colour. 
concoction of red berries puree, milk, yogurt and rose syrup. It tasted rather milky and
had light yogurt taste, with very light rose flavour. The blended ice actually made it 
difficult to drink and drained most of the taste away. I kept stirring and hoping that 
the ice would melt faster!

As for my dessert, I had the strawberry yogurt roll. It was strawberry sponge cake roll with yogurt cream fillings inside.
The strawberry chunks inside felt like they were soaked in yogurt till they were soggy and tasted super odd. I actually
removed some of the cream on the cake's surface to reduce my sinfulness. I was not sure why I was so into yogurt that

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