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9 Sep 2012

the connoisseur concerto desserts

(A continuous post after the dinner)
After the our dinner, we all decided to order a dessert each. Desserts in
a way could prolong our conversation while we slowly savour our chosen
sweet treats.

Lks ordered a slice of Classic Marble Cheesecake. It was indeed a rather huge piece, a nice slab of cheese ready to make
our mouth sticky from all that cheesyness.

I ordered the Milky Choc Mousse with Raspberry Coulis. The outer coating of 'brown sand' was not perfect, with many
uncoated gaps around (I photoshopped it to make it looked better). Anyway, it looked atas, with dried up chocolate
staining on the side of the plate itself. Adding on with a twirl of thin chocolate and berries at the side. As for the cake,
pratically chocolate mousse entirely, was creamy, light and it was a decent dessert. However, I could not detect any hint
of red tea which was stated in the menu. (Too mild I supposed)

Wcy decided to indulge a little into something sinful too, and ordered the Cappuccino Cheesecake Dream. I thought that
the chocolate sauce at the base was quite messy and it spoilt the overall appearance. The chocolate ice cream with its
cocoa streusel went quite well with some cream (not all the cream!) and the cappuccino cheesecake.

As for Wll, she decided to try the Perfect Pairing which I had tried before. However, this version was slightly different
from what I had experienced back then. The cheese was served defrosted and felt like soft cream cheese instead of my
frozen solid one which I had trouble eating.

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