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9 Sep 2012

Toa Payoh Lorong 8, Blk 211 (Durians)

Finally decided to visit Toa Payoh Lorong 8, Blk 211 to try its durian buffet with Lks. It took us 40 mins at least to walk
all the way from the interchange, using my phone's GPS to finally reach this block! (Shag! We were trained road

When we arrived (like finally!), we were rather excited like little kids peering through the glass window of a candy
shop, eager to spend some saved up pocket money for a treat. This was the article hung outside the outlet which
showed an affordable pricing of only $15 for an hour of durian buffet feast. However, to our great dismay, the uncle told
us that the durian buffet was no longer available! Reason can be either 1) The durian season was about to end or
2) The demand of this popular smelly fruit was too great till they were making a loss. We were too depressed to find out
the reason and anyone knows if there would be a durian buffet again the next season? 

Tables and chairs all set up for customers to enjoy durians. Season ending soon and stocks running low too!

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