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9 Sep 2012

Venezia Gelato Italiano

A quick entry before going to work real soon! (I just started work 2 days ago, 12 hours per day, 6 days per week and
hardly had the time to blog nowadays. Luckily it was just a month's temporary job.) I had green tea with red bean and
hazelnut flavour a couple of days ago for desserts. Both flavours had dominant taste and I felt that they were trying hard
to snatch my attention from the other. The green tea's bitterness was not intense enough for me to thoroughly enjoy,
and I enjoyed the nutty-but-light hazelnut.  

As for Nyy, he took a dark chocolate flavour and another chocolate flavour (or maybe he took 2 same flavours in the
same cup). The chocolate button was given as part of it, just like the red beans with my green tea. He was another
big fan of bitter chocolate just like me, the more bitter the chocolate, the better! (I just noticed the shape too, look at the
little pointed part on the top! What shape/object it reminded you of?)

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