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9 Sep 2012

Vietnamese Snack

Bought this basket for 20 USD. Do not 'WA?!' yet as I have not finished my sentence! This 'cui' looking basket was
made by hand, even the handle was rather dreadful to carry as it was too prickly. Inside the basket, it contained 5
handmade boxes of snacks. Nyx and I shared the cost and distributed the snacks evenly. (1 of the box was given to our
polytechnic friends to share, and I did not want to keep that basket though.)  

The reason why the 'xi xi' sticker was pasted on top of the box was because the snack was called 'fu qi bing' (couple's

10 individual snacks in a box, each individually packed. The fragrant of the leaves that were used to wrap the snack was
strong but sadly, it was not infused into the snack itself.

How it looked like and munched!

I found that it did not taste as good as the first time I tried while I was on the coach in Vietnam. (Maybe during the long
boring journey on road made me lose my senses, especially taste.) The outer was a green layer of tasteless agar agar that
encased the yellow bean paste within. The thickness of the agar agar was a little too thick and I felt like I was eating a
modern style of Ang Ku Kueh.

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