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6 Nov 2012

Four Seasons Durian & Mango Pudding & Durian Puffs

Being like fishball noodles that have its wet and dry version, I felt that puddings has this similarity and both
version tastes great depends on individual. Although I personally prefer 'wet' pudding most of the time,
with 'juices' that emits and surrounds the pudding like a protective shield, I still tried the 2 puddings from
Four Seasons. The really typical duo that was durian and mango. As usual, the durian taste was more
intense and felt slightly creamy while the mango was kind of disappointing. The colour of the mango
pudding was too orangey to be natural and the colouring could be added to contrast it from the durian. I
still prefer durian puddings made with real flesh though. 

As for the box of durian puffs, it has to be kept in the freezer and I thaw them for a couple of minutes
before enjoying them. I loved the icy texture, the bit of having to 'bite into' feeling and the flesh dissolving in
my mouth, releasing the strong like-it-or-hate-it flavour. Luckily it was chunky and not too hollow which
most puffs would appear to be. They were gone into my stomach really fast!

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