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15 Dec 2012

MOF (Ministry of Food)

I often patronise MOF ; ministry of food during my polytechnic days as I really enjoy plain soft serve
vanilla ice cream. Nothing complicated about such Japanese desserts, no extreme flavors or funky
designs that would disgust me. Anyway, after countless time of revisits and trying almost every dessert and
shakes available, I came back for desserts with my mum. It really brought back memories from my past.
Alright, enough of story and time for dessert! My mum ordered this simple red bean paste dessert with
glutinous rice balls and a scope of black sesame ice cream. Besides the paste being a little too sweet, I
have nothing to whine about as everything complimented well with each other.  

As for me, I preferred to stick with my standard shake choice. A really tall
and satisfying glass of  avocado shake blended with hazelnuts and soft serve
ice cream. A perfect amount for chilling, slowly enjoying the creamy mixture sip
by sip.   

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