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18 May 2013

Latte e Miele - Eating ice cream in the rain

That day when I visited 'The Grandstand' at Turf City with my friend, it was such a
disappointment as most of the outlets were still under renovation! It was a wasted
and long journey by bus from Ang Mo Kio, and to make matter worse, it was raining!

Before heading back, we decided to liven up our spirit at least by purchasing a piccolo
cup (regular) each. After being rather indecisive of which flavor I should choose, I
ended up with the baileys flavor. It was really creamy, mild alcoholic taste and soothing
as every spoonful melted quickly in my mouth, dissipating the taste around and finally
gliding gently down my throat. My perfect enjoyment was spoilt by my idiotic friend's
decision to walk under the drizzling of rain instead of being seated comfortably at the
cozy outlet peering out through the glass window at passer-by.   

Another picture of my cup of gelato with instagram effect! Love the slightly blurred image and the colour
of my gelato blending well with the antique-brown wooden top. Like a piece of art right?

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